:: Christian Storr

| Photography is the art of seeing. |

Hello & welcome!

My name is Christian. I am living in Maulbronn and working in Stuttgart (Germany).

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. In motifs I prefer landscapes, architecture and still lifes. People I photograph almost never. In the photo editing I am very cautious. I publish my photos on the internet as I have made them.

For many years I have worked with an old, but very good Minolta mirror reflex camera (XE 1) with several objectives. But it is in the long term much work to scan each pic for presenting in web-galleries.

That´s why I bought a digital camera from Canon (PowerShot A 520).

Finally since April 2010 I am using a Fujifilm Finepix S 100 FS. With this compact digital camera I am very content. It offers many technical possibilities. And I do not have to carry always different objectives with me.

I hope that my pictures please you. Your comments are always welcome. All photos displayed in this website are copyrighted. In case You are interested in using any of them, please contact me. Write me, if You want: | christian.storr (at) gmx.de |

Enjoy my pics!

:: Christian
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